Farms & Partners

Hungry Turtle Coop

Hungry Turtle Farmers Cooperative is a new way to access great local foods from small farms in one place. We have the best of every season available for you. When you buy local you are getting the freshest, best quality products you can get.Most produce and other foods travels up to 1500 miles to reach your plate, and it can take two weeks for it to get there. Hungry Turtle Farmers Coop gives you easy access to food grown and produced right in your backyard.

Farm Table Restaurant

Nourishing community through inspired local food.

Polk County United

We envision a vital, healthy Polk County in 2018, in which resources and collaboration are maximized. Polk United- Healthier Together efforts will be centralized, sustainable, and strong because of diverse community involvement. Access to care and resources will be readily accessible. Individual and family efforts to seek good health will be fully supported and will be an accepted part of daily life.

Black Brook Farmstead

On our 40 acre farm in Clayton, Wisconsin, we have a wonderful mixture of tillable land, pasture, trees, and a beautiful stretch of open water on our pond (a fabulous habitat both for wild creatures and slightly more tame ones like ourselves). Our farm is home to a turn of the century dairy barn (still standing strong), a pole shed where we pack our veggies, an old grain storage building where we store supplies and park machinery, and a handsomely updated, cozy little farmhouse.

Turnip Rock Farm

Turnip Rock Farm is located just 50 miles East of the Twin Cities, South of Amery, WI. As vegetable growers we have over 7 years of CSA farm management experience and 6 years of internship experience. We farmed for 5 years in New Auburn, WI on the rockiest ground that anyone has ever grown vegetables on! In 2013 we moved to our present location closer to out CSA members and a great community of sustainable farmers. We kept the name but left the rocks behind. We take great pride in what we do and love everything about this way of farming.